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                    < you, the world and i >
                    < un lago de jade verde >
                    < far away from anywhere else >
                    < mayflower >
                    < where have you been so long? >
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                                                      _* you, the world and i

Exhibit design I did for “You, The World and I”, the fourth episode of “An Involuntary Trace” the one-year cycle of exhibitions curated by This is Jackalope at La Casa Encendida.

RGB blue and space gray transform the space into a dichotomy between physical and digital. A transversal space where reality is composed by dissolving them both.

Entrance display in collaboration with Otro Bureau
Jon Rafman

This is Jackalope

La Casa Encendida

Otro Bureau

Begoña Solís
October 21st to January 9th, 2022

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